LHG’s Program is our church to church sponsorship that allows Christians to join hands and empower indigenous church leaders who struggle in their impoverished communities. We come alongside and exalt pastors to be more than just the leader of their church, but the spiritual leader of their community. This program is designed to help build their church family through intense pastoral training, evangelical programs and sustainable spirit filled outreach – that goes well beyond their church doors.

Regardless of poverty, the resources to build their church is already there, it’s within them. The goal is empowerment by using the word of God and sustainable programs that will bring Christ to their communities, which in turn builds and strengthens the church.

Your church’s commitment and God’s guidance can nurture a pastor and church leaders to rise-up and grow into the spiritual center of their community.

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Our current program envelopes 46 Camino Global (formerly Central American Missions) churches in the southern division of Honduras. The program is designed for the monthly sponsor funds to care for the entire division of churches, so we can continually support needs.

Your support will provide:

Pastoral and Leadership Training

We know the success of a church is the Biblical foundation on which it stands. This program provides pastoral and leadership training seminars 4 times a year. Every 3 months, we bring the pastor and 2 church leaders to our Hope Center in El Carreto, Valle to participate in a 3-day training seminar. All expenses are paid; travel, lodging and meals are all provided.

Back to the Bible - Helios Project solar device

We want our pastors to have a continual source of Biblical training support that takes them well beyond the classes. We achieve this by equipping the pastor and his team with a solar device that will enable them to continue their studies and prepare them for the next training seminar. This device is solar, so, no need for electricity, batteries or internet. They also receive additional teaching materials to take back to their church family.

Spiritual training and congregational church supplies

The Bible is a Christian’s guide and many churches do not have the means to provide for their congregation. The program supplies Bibles and additional worship materials for the pastor and church.

Continual Pastoral and Mentor Support

Our pastors receive continual pastoral and mentoring support from our ministry. This program provides a full time pastoral leader who is a seminary graduate, CAM organization leader, and local church pastor with over 25 years of service, as well as other ministry staff to provide continual support to all pastors in this division.

Emergency Fund

Your support provides an emergency fund that will aid pastors in their time of need. This could be anything that prevents the church from operating. An example would be a roof collapsing or a significant structural damage that prevents worship in that church. In the event the emergency fund is needed, our staff will oversee all repairs. Our committee made up of leaders of the CAM churches will assist in the determination of the need and then our staff will provide for that request.

Mission Team Support

Our mission teams work within the communities of our churches. The administration fees for our staff is supported through this program. Our mission teams aid the church in organizing outreach by providing medical brigades, evangelical support, and many more opportunities to promote the relationship between the church and their community.


Your church will receive updates twice a year from this program. We also extend a continual invitation to travel with us on a mission trip and see first-hand the support you are bringing to the wonderful people of Honduras. Your support is a blessing to many and we’d love to connect you with the pastors and church families you are supporting. Our doors are always open.