Becoming a child sponsor is a wonderful and personal way to express unconditional love to a child who is desperately poor and needy and without hope in this world. Your monthly sponsorship will help provide for your child’s daily needs, education, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Please consider partnering with Living Hope Global Ministries as we love and nurture precious children. Our sponsorship program is one of the few offered where you can travel to your sponsor child, spend time with them and see firsthand how your love and support changes who they become.

What is child sponsorship?

When you sponsor a child in one of our Children’s Centers, your monthly gift provides daily meals and other essentials such as clothing and first-aid medical care, as well as protection and nurturing that will have far-reaching effects. The care we offer our kids goes well beyond their physical needs. As a sponsor, you’re able to connect with your child by exchanging letters and photos, and this relationship can be very instrumental in helping to build good character and strong morals in your child.

Your monthly gift of $30 enables us to give your sponsor child life-changing benefits like these:

Freedom from the pangs of hunger with regular access to nutritious food so growing bodies can continue to develop and thrive.

Lessons in English and other worthwhile curriculum to help broaden their horizons and open further opportunities for their futures.

Protection and nurturing by being off the streets and cared for by loving staff who teach proper conduct and a good moral standard.

Why sponsor a child through Living Hope Global Ministries?

We have a proven track record of over 17 years and we continue to invest in the lives of orphaned and needy children—precious lives that are often counted of little value by many in their indigenous cultures.

Who are the children rescued by Living Hope Global Ministries?

Most of the children enrolled in our sponsorship program are in a category known as “social orphan,” meaning that in some cases a parent is still alive but is no longer in the picture due to abandonment, imprisonment or some other unfortunate circumstance. While situations can vary greatly, what our children all have in common is extreme poverty and little hope for any kind of positive future. This describes the majority of kids that Living Hope Global Ministries rescues.

How does child sponsorship work?

Your monthly gifts are put to work to benefit not only your child, but the other children in that particular center as well. Our sponsorship program helps to ensure that there is always enough food to eat, a safe and loving environment, and positive teaching and instruction that can carry them through this life and on into the next.

Sponsoring a child is an effective and truly rewarding way to help counter the effects of extreme poverty—both in the physical and spiritual sense. Your gifts help to build strong bodies and minds while great attention is also paid to the inner person and the molding of good moral character. This is the true hope that we offer our children.

How do I sponsor a child?

While your monthly gifts are used to benefit a number of children in a particular location, our sponsorship program is still a personal experience.

  1. Select a child whose story resonates with you or whose photo touches your heart in some special way.
  2. Your monthly gift of $30 or more will be pooled with the gifts of other sponsors to provide for your child’s food and other daily needs, as well as the others in the center, and operating costs of our facility.
  3. At your convenience, begin building a relationship with your child through letters, cards and photos. We will in turn provide updates from your child twice a year. Your personal prayers for your child are deemed very important as well!
  4. In most cases, sponsors who have both the flexibility and the resources can arrange a visit to see their child in person. (Please contact Angie Blevins well in advance of any planned travel: ablevins@livinghopeglobalministries.org.)

By sponsoring a child, you will get to witness his or her positive growth and development through semi-annual updates, and help to foster that growth through personal correspondence that fits your own schedule.

In order to protect the precious lives that have been entrusted to us, all correspondence between our children in Honduras and their sponsors is channeled through our program director, Angie Blevins, at the email address shown above.

What do I get when I sponsor a child?
  1. A welcome packet mailed to you with your child’s photo and information
  2. Photos and updates from your child twice a year going forward
  3. Response letters if you choose to initiate correspondence with your child
  4. A final report when your child leaves the program

Please note that the semi-annual photos, updates and other correspondence from your child as noted above will be sent via email unless otherwise requested.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Our sponsorships start at $30 per month. Any amount above that is also welcomed and appreciated.

Am I my child’s only sponsor?

Due to the costs involved in striving to meet the needs of a large group of children, no, you may not be your child’s only sponsor. We allow children to have more than one sponsor to ensure that all needs are met and to help provide as much encouragement and positive influence in their lives as possible.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Absolutely! Many people happily sponsor more than one of our kids. Please note that our current system requires us to set up one sponsorship transaction per child sponsored.

Why sponsor a child?

Reasons for sponsoring can be as varied as our sponsors themselves. Here are a few points that we feel are significant:

  1. To make a difference: By sponsoring a child through Living Hope Global Ministries, you can be sure that your gifts are used wisely to bring the maximum benefit to your child and his or her Living Hope “siblings.” We’ve been rescuing orphaned and abandoned children for more than 17 years and have helped to transform scores of broken hearts and lives into mature, well-adjusted adults with good character and respectable social standing.
  2. To be truly fulfilled: There is a great sense of fulfillment in any positive relationship and that’s what our sponsorship program is all about! The joy of sharing encouragement and receiving your child’s sincere expressions of gratitude add up to a truly fulfilling experience. Child sponsorship is a great way to share God’s love with a child who, depending on where he or she lives, may have little to no other access to such expressions.
  3. Because it has meaning: Lots of people find great meaning in child sponsorship for many different reasons. We’ve noticed that some people choose to sponsor a child who shares the same name as theirs or maybe the same birthday. This can be especially meaningful to your own children or grandchildren if you find a child that matches their name or date of birth. It’s also a wonderful means to pass on your values by way of loving correspondence and encouragement.
How long is my sponsorship commitment?

By becoming a sponsor with Living Hope Global Ministries, you are given the opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship with a special child in need. Though it is not a requirement for sponsorship, many folks truly enjoy exchanging letters and photos throughout the duration of their child’s enrollment in our program. Others are content to simply receive new photos and updated reports from their child semi-annually, and that’s fine, too. While you are certainly free to cancel at any time and you will never be pressured in any way, we do want you to know that you are welcome to continue sponsoring your child for as long as he or she is in our program.

What happens when my child exits the program?

When it is determined that a child is no longer in need of support through Living Hope Global Ministries or some other circumstances require a child to leave the program, a final report is prepared and his or her sponsors are notified by mail. At that time, you will be given an opportunity to transfer your sponsorship to another child. In most cases, we will make a specific recommendation. Of course you are in no way obligated to accept this recommendation or to continue your sponsorship but it will be necessary for you to notify us of your decision.

Please note that for monthly gifts that are automatically drawn from a bank account or credit card, your sponsorship will be automatically transferred to the suggested child in the absence of a response from you. This is to ensure that no critical gaps in funding are created and no sponsorships lost simply due to a lack of communication. It will be your responsibility to notify us of your intention to discontinue your sponsorship.

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